1500mm T8 Integrated tube used for Storages in Germany,which has great feedback from our clients

General Description and Usage for LED Integrated Tube Light
Led Integraerd tube is LED high Lumen strip fixture for use in indoor applications. The fixture provides a high performance optical system to deliver general ambient lighting for applications such as food service,  agricultural, retail,  warehouse  and  general commercial  and  industrial environments. The high-efficacy light engine delivers long life and excellent color,ensuring a superior quality lighting. 

Led Integrated Lights are designed for horizontal (ceiling) or vertical (wall) surface mounting or hanging applications. Fixture  housing  is  made  of  aluminum which  provides strength and allows excellent heat dissipation. The diffuser is clear enhanced polycarbonate material for high light transmittance. The LED engine is comprised  of  SMD 2835 LED chips which provide 100-130 lumens per watt. Recommended fixture operating temperatures are from -20 degrees C to 50 degrees C ambient. Color index is >82,Power Factor is >0.95, Fixtures are connectable with optional connecting cord or connector.

Electrical for Led Integrated Fixture
Tubes are standard for use in ac100-240V/120-277 volt environments. Long-life LEDs, coupled with high-efficiency drivers, provide superior level and quality of illumination for extended service life. Fixture life is 50,000 hours. Maximum in-line connection cannot exceed 200 watts.

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